Difficulty estimation

Introducing "”, a platform facilitating mathematics education and research. hosts a vast repository of math word problems and solutions, meticulously curated by expert instructors. The database is built based on math word problems from textbooks and other open online sources such as MATH, MathQA, Algebra, etc., primarily to support research in item difficulty estimation. Most available repositories have math word problems and detailed steps to solve them. However, when the same word problems must be included in an exam, other parameters, such as Grades and difficulty levels, are unavailable, and hence, we put them together.



What we provide


Apart from continuing to build a comprehensive database of math word problems, “ also provides a platform where experts can annotate these problems with grades and difficulty levels, providing invaluable resources for educators to create customized exams tailored to their students’ knowledge levels. As the labelling of difficulty levels is subjective in nature, we enable experts to vote the difficulty level for each word problem. The admin user (expert) can then validate based on majority votes and freeze the difficulty level appropriate for the given grade level. Following are the features:
  • The table consists of math word problem, grade level, solution, difficulty level and source information.
  • Users can sign up, mention the purpose of visiting the platform and download the data.
  • Users can sign up and contribute by supporting the annotation of existing math word problems and add more math word problems using the math editor.
  • Shortly, users can also create test papers, enrol students and conduct exams. (work is in progress)

  • The Database

    This effort is towards building a repository to promote research in AI-based classification of math word problems, difficulty estimation, solving, etc. Why word problems? MWP will help identify and apply the right concept in the real world, develop higher-order thinking skills, apply different math concepts, develop creative and critical thinking, enable instructors to know the knowledge levels of learners and so on. Researchers thus gain access to a rich dataset for exploring novel approaches to mathematical problem-solving and difficulty estimation.
    We thank you for your support in building the database of math word problems (MWP). The research in Mathematics Education is towards providing better learning environment by providing prompt feedback to learners, having several practice problems, conducting assessments to evaluate various levels of knowledge during learning journey.
    Citation: Shilpa Kadam, P.T.V. Praveen Kumar, Sridhar Pappu, Dipak Kumar Satpathi. “themathbits”: A Platform for Math Word Problem Repository, Annotation, and Difficulty Estimation"
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